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Monica Wasserbach

Resident Director Israel Programs

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Speaks 5 languages, has 3 nationalities and 19 years of Expat life. The result? Discards any boxes and take people as they are, a beautiful mix of multiple and diverse things.

To work in an environment of constant innovation and creation of better programs and having the opportunity to learn from such intensive experiences with the students in Israel makes my work unique and enriching. One of the highlights of my work in International Education is meeting the students and my colleagues from all over the world and realizing once and again how much fun diversity can be. A constant intercultural communication exercise!


Monica has a BA degree in Applied Linguistics from the School of Applied Linguistics in Zurich, Switzerland, she studied Business Sciences and Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland, and absolved her MAS degree in Intercultural Communication and Inter-religious Communication at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Travel Experience

After working at educational institutions for many years in Argentina and Switzerland I started to learn about American Educational system at IFSA from zero. Mostly directly from my students. I love to hear stories about the Fraternity Fellowships and other American things. The US institutions look just like those in the movies! Now, after these years I feel almost at home being there!

Did You Know?

Navigating with students their life-changing experience in Israel, which she names 'A perfect Intercultural Communication laboratory' is her passion.