Patricio O’Dwyer's headshot

Patricio O’Dwyer

Resident Director, Argentinia

Start Date


I've been working with IFSA since 1995 and it amazes me that each day I share with our students I learn something new from them. Their growth in intercultural understanding and each step they take into their future is a growing experience for myself.


Patricio is a certified Clinical Psychologist working at public hospitals, and with people in a vulnerable socioeconomic situation. He studied Comparative Literature after realizing that just reading was not enough for him.

Travel Experience

Patricio lived in Columbia for three years after finishing high school and he's an avid traveler. He has already visited 25 countries and, in the last few years, he fell in love with Asia (9 countries visited so far, most of them twice). This February, he visited India, Bhutan and Myanmar for the first time and he's willing to repeat the three destinations. 

Did You Know?

Patricio is a fan of crime novels,especially those from Scandinavian countries and Mexico