Ruth Casey's headshot

Ruth Casey

Regional Director, Europe and Middle East

Start Date

August 1999


Educator • Learner • Mentor • Celt

"Since its inception in 1988, IFSA has maintained the highest of academic standards and in recent years developed more intentional opportunities for students to engage at a local level to nurture and develop intercultural agility and communication. I am proud of the work we do and feel fortunate to be part of our students' journey."


Ruth earned a bachelor's in humanities at University College Cork in Ireland, and a master's in Business Management and Marketing after settling in Edinburgh.

Travel Experience

Living in France as an undergrad, and even moving from Ireland to live in Scotland, have shaped Ruth as an international educator. These experiences have enhanced her sense of understanding and compassion for others and instilled a desire to help students reach their individual goals.

Did You Know?

Ruth is Irish. She loves to sing. She enjoys photography, the outdoors and most sports!