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Susan Hill

Payroll/HR Specialist


Start Date

February 2008



The people here at IFSA-Butler make it a great place to work.


B.A. in Liberal Studies from the University of Indianapolis.

Travel Experience

I took a bus trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in November. It rained half an inch at once in Vegas and the roofs of the hotels and casinos were leaking. It was snowing in the desert. When we got to the Grand Canyon, it was so foggy that you could only see about an inch in front of your nose. I'm assuming we were actually at the Grand Canyon, but I have no visual proof of it. As I was having a first-class pity party on the return bus trip, I realized that the Japanese tourists were a lot sadder than I was. For most of them, it was their only chance to see it. It helped me to understand that sometimes you only have one shot and, if at all possible, you shouldn't miss it.

Did You Know?

I have won ribbons from both the Hamilton County Fair and the Indiana State Fair for knitting, beadwork, painting, and baking. In community theatre, I am an actor; a set designer, builder, and decorator; and a costumer.