Thomas Hopley

Student Services Coordinator, New South Wales

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Soccer Coach ��_ Paddle Board Enthusiast ��_ Outdoor Adventurer

��_I have a passion for helping others realize their dreams and goals. It is very rewarding to see our students expand their horizons and broaden their life experience with a semester abroad. I firmly believe in higher education, and the opportunity it provides, and take pride in helping our students shape their future by becoming active and informed world citizens.��_


Thomas graduated from Macleay College with an Advanced Diploma in Sports Marketing and Management, and is currently studying at Curtin University to be a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching. Thomas also currently holds an FFA B License in football coaching.

Travel Experience

Thomas has travelled much of Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as travelling around Australia. Through his travels around central America recently, Thomas was able to gain a greater understanding of the cultural links that underpin the relationship between America and Australia.

Did You Know?

Thomas harbours ambitions to one day coach the Australian Women��_s Football Team, and once drove over 6 hours through the night across country NSW after a wedding just to get to a game on time!