Study with University of Arizona

Everywhere You Are, Including Mérida

Earn your degree or take individual classes from the University of Arizona from the comfort and safety of your current hometown. Engage in a local microcampus with U.S. students who are studying in Mérida for the semester, while you enjoy the benefits of large home campus, including a wide selection of classes and academic advisors to support you along the way.

You can enroll and take classes from your home country and travel to the University of Arizona to finish your degree at any time. Or, complete everything remotely. You choose whatever works best for you and your family.

Partnership with IFSA

IFSA, the Institute for Study Abroad, manages the microcampus in Mérida. In addition to University of Arizona advisors, you will have the support of IFSA staff.

Diana Arizaga is the Regional Director of Operations in Latin America, and she lives in Mérida, Mexico. Her 18 years of experience in the region and her knowledge of U.S. students and academics will help you achieve success in your studies.

The IFSA Microcampus

photos of the Mexico office

Optional Excursions

Want to be a tourist at home? For a minimal additional cost, you can choose to join the cohort of IFSA students on excursions around the area as they learn the history and culture of the Yucatan people.

In past years, the IFSA students have:

  • Travelled to Havana, Cuba for five days
  • Participated in a three-day community service project, immersing in the local culture through a homestay experience with a Mayan family
  • Visit local clinics serving an indigenous village and meet with midwives and a Shaman (healer) in the community
  • Travelled to the Ek-Balam and Uxmal archaeological sites
  • Visited the colonial city of Valladolid, swimming in a local cenote, and viewing one of the best preserved Mayan grand scale masks.
  • Take a day trip to Chichanitza and Ek-Balam, Agrado (system of caves), a bus tour of Mérida, a bike ride to the Museum of the Mayan World, and a trip to Chiapas.