UpFront Advance

About the UpFront Advance

Some of the most immediate costs of study abroad can be the most daunting. Paying for program deposits and airfare can be the most burdensome for your budget, especially when you’re dependent on financial aid to cover program costs. In an effort to minimize the stress of these out-of-pocket expenses, IFSA is pleased to offer two UpFront Program options.

Program Details

Inspired by our award-winning partner, the University of Minnesota’s Bridging Loan program, UpFront allows you to bill certain fees to your IFSA student account. You can then pay these expenses with financial aid or with our monthly payment option. The loan covers the following expenses:

  • Program deposit ($500)
  • Airfare (ticket must be booked with STA Travel)

This program is available for any IFSA semester and full year program.


Apply for the UpFront Advance

To apply, please complete the Financial Footprint and return it via email to IFSA: accounting@ifsa-butler.org

If accepted to the UpFront program, recipients must also sign a promissory note.

UpFront Auckland Program

UpFront Auckland Scholarship
The University of Auckland offers several scholarships (up to $7,500) to help IFSA students cover some of the upfront costs of studying abroad. All interested students should apply; however, students with high-financial need and first generation college students (neither parent has a four-year degree) will be given preference in the selection process. Students must be applying to the University of Auckland in order to be considered.



The scholarship covers the following expenses:

  • Program deposit ($500)
  • Airfare (ticket must be booked with STA Travel)
  • Cash (any remaining funding will be disbursed directly to the student at the beginning of the program)

To apply, please complete an IFSA scholarship application in the Student Portal. Applications are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis, up until funding has been exhausted or until April 1 for semester 2/academic year and November 1 for semester 1/calendar year.